The Political Middle Class

Running parallel to the economic middle class, it can be observed that there is a majority “political middle class” of Americans who believe in reason, decency, hard work and moderate policy solutions to our nation’s greatest challenges. It seems to me that this particular group of people carry the most weight within society simply because they have the power of every day conversation, unlike the Fake News media, which the middle class secretly despises. The political middle class clocks into every day just like the rest of us. 

This social middle class is primarily based on Judeo-Christian principles whether by belief or by commitment to the nearly universal Christian moral axioms embedded within Western culture. Christian values generally seem to be the bedrock that inform the political middle class. As such, it is no surprise that these people are sandwiched between the radical communist Leftists and the fascist hard Right, (which is nearly fundamentally racist and unsurprisingly has a lack of charity for those in need.) Whether by Christian orthodoxy or even a secular set of ethics middle class people come to the ugly conclusion that we ourselves are part of the problem. This is why the majority of people can accept that there are problems within society that we simply will never completely solve – like poverty, hunger, unemployment, depression and other painful afflictions that we suffer from. The social middle class is notorious for venting their frustrations only to end them with, “it is what it is.”

Do not mistake the acceptance of an imperfect world for a lack of action or a lack of commitment to improving society. There is something inside all of us that keeps us going, keeps us waking up the next day, and gives us hope that someday, society will be set straight. I think this speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit and inspiration from our Creator. The political middle class carries the weight of societies beliefs and ideas and, by God, we need Help.

If you’ll excuse me, I have go to clock in.


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