The Market of Values

Are your values for sale?

Eventually, someone will beckon you to exchange your values for an empty promise. For the hedonist, nearly all of his values have a price for pleasure. For the businessman, his word may be worth a golden transaction. For the athlete, the competitive edge could be worth the bargaining of an honest victory. Whoever you are, whatever you do, and wherever you go, someone is vying for your business. Someone is willing to make a deal.

Like an ancient marketplace, we are bombarded with offers in the market of values. The market is loud, distracting, and dusty. It is a never-ending well of discontentment and unrest. In the daylight, there are exchanges of honor for dishonor and the truth for lies. By night, sex for silver is the deal of the day. The market offers a temporal solution for an eternal problem. The finite promises to quench eternal desires.

The flashy bargains fade. The soul has no price in this dark economy. Do not be enamored by the empty promises of the market of values. Cling to the Unchanging, for you are already bought with a price.

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